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CARLI's New SFX Administrators Series: Where Do I Start?

People who want to learn more about SFX often ask the CARLI Office "Where do I start?" CARLI's SFX System Committee has worked up some suggestions.

Resources for particular audiences:

  • I’m new to CARLI but not new to SFX administration. What do I need to know?
  • I’m new to SFX administration, but not new to SFX (or to eResource management and another link resolver). What do I need to learn to get up to speed?
  • I’ve been an SFX administrator for a while, but I want to know more about (do more with) SFX. I’m interested in “beyond the basics” lessons.
  • I’m new to SFX altogether. What is it, and why does it matter to my library? I’m interested in a very high-level overview of SFX.

Resources for people with conceptual, "how does it work?" questions

Resources for people with procedural, "how do I…?" questions