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Frequently Asked Questions about SFX in the CARLI Environment

What is the SFX implementation process for a CARLI library?

How do we get started?

Only CARLI Governing Members may implement SFX on the CARLI server. Libraries that want to proceed with implementing SFX will complete an Institutional Acknowledgement of SFX Software License and Instance Installation Fees.

Once the software license has been negotiated, CARLI will be able to schedule hands-on implementation training sessions. Implementing libraries will register up to three individuals for the full-day, hands-on training. (All trainees from an institution must attend the same day of training.)

After the training, staff return to their libraries and continue the implementation process that was begun on their training day. Some libraries find they can “go live” with SFX after just a few hours of implementation work. Some libraries choose not to “go live” until they have invested a month or more in customizing the look and feel of their SFX instance.

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What options are available for implementing SFX for our library?

  • The SFX software and KnowledgeBase can be hosted for you on CARLI’s SFX server.
  • The SFX software and KnowledgeBase can be hosted for you on Ex Libris’ servers. If you select this option, all negotiations will be between Ex Libris and your library; CARLI will not be involved at all.
  • Libraries may host the SFX software and KnowledgeBase on a server of their own. If you select this option, all negotiations will be between Ex Libris and your library; CARLI will not be involved at all.

For CARLI to host a library's SFX instance the library must be a Governing member of CARLI. If CARLI hosts a library's SFX instance, then the library may choose to reduce slightly its SFX set-up work by having its local instance linked to the CARLI shared instance of SFX. In the shared instance CARLI staff have activated all the Targets to which every CARLI library has access. The SFX Menu and the SFX A-Z List for instances linked to the shared instance are generated from the combination of centrally- and locally-activated Targets.

How much work is involved for our library in setting up SFX?

The answer to this question varies from library to library, depending on how many Targets and Sources they decide to activate, and how much customization they decide to apply to the “out-of-the-box” SFX. For more information, please see CARLI’s Post Training Checklist for SFX Implementation.

Can individual libraries customize their own interfaces?

Yes, the SFX interface is highly customizable. Libraries receive training in how to customize their SFX instances at the time they implement SFX. Nearly every aspect of SFX is customizable. One minor exception is that libraries that opt to link their local instance of SFX to the CARLI shared instance cannot change the name that displays on their SFX Menus of the Targets that are activated only in the shared instance. Examples of how other CARLI libraries have customized their SFX Menus, A-Z Lists, and Citation Linkers are available from an SFX Comparison page.

If we choose to have an “instance” of SFX installed on the CARLI central server, how much will it cost?

For CARLI Governing Members, each library may receive one "instance" of SFX installed on the CARLI central server at no charge. The individual library will pay for the software cost for being added to the CARLI central software license. The SFX software pricing formula is a tiered structure based on FTE. At the request of Ex Libris, the pricing information contained in the CARLI Agreement is confidential. For a price quote, .

Is there a CARLI service fee (annual assessment) for hosting and supporting SFX?

SFX is considered a premium CARLI service. Only Governing member libraries are eligible for an SFX instance hosted by CARLI. Libraries will pay 100% of the annual software maintenance fee beginning July 1, 2017. CARLI pays for the annual hardware maintenance associated with hosting SFX for governing members.

What if our library uses SFX already but wants to migrate to the CARLI central server?

to express your interest in migrating to the CARLI central server. Migrations will be scheduled at a time that is mutually convenient for the library, Ex Libris staff and CARLI staff. All customizations the library has made to its SFX instance(s) in the past, as well as all archived usage data will be migrated to the CARLI server. The library will be responsible for communicating its new link resolver URL to all of its Source vendors.

How much will it cost to migrate to the central server?

At the request of the vendors, pricing information negotiated through individual institutional agreements is confidential.  For a price quote on data migration, contact the CARLI Office.

What happens to the agreement our library currently has with Ex Libris for SFX?

Licenses for SFX previously executed by individual institutions will remain in effect until the end of their respective annual terms.  At the end of such annual terms, the institution may choose to renew its SFX license (and its order for maintenance and support services) under the previously executed license or under the CARLI/SFX Agreement.

Will SFX replace the A-Z list we have now?

SFX does provide a hyperlinked A-Z list of the titles associated with each instance’s activated Targets. Generally libraries have arranged for a several-month overlap of their current A-Z product license with their new SFX license, but a library could decide to retain both products, if resources allow.

What if our library wants to have a copy of SFX installed on our own local server?

This is possible. Your library would assume responsibility for the terms and conditions of a separate license agreement, as well as for all server hardware, maintenance upgrades, etc.

What are the benefits of running our own copy of SFX locally?

Your library could apply on a schedule of its own choosing the software and KnowledgeBase updates that Ex Libris releases. Currently CARLI applies updates to the SFX instances on the CARLI server over the weekend, generally one week after the updates have been released. Your library might decide to host additional applications on the same server machine. CARLI’s SFX server is not available for uses other than SFX.

How much will it cost for us to run our own copy of SFX on our own local server?

At the request of the vendors, pricing information negotiated through individual institutional agreements is confidential.  For a price quote on running an individual copy of SFX on your local server, or call 1-800-762-6300.

If we run our own copy of SFX, will the license be covered under CARLI’s contract with Ex Libris?

No, the locally hosting library assumes responsibility for the terms and conditions of any separate license agreement.

Will our library need a separate maintenance agreement if we choose to run our own copy of SFX?

Yes, a separate maintenance agreement will be created between the individual library and Ex Libris.

Will our library pay any recurring software maintenance costs for a local installation?

Yes, maintenance and support services costs are the responsibility of the individual library.