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SFX Display Logic and Target Precedence

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Display logic rules can help unclutter the menu by allowing administrators to specify rules under which certain targets/target service will not display on the SFX menu. New! CARLI SFX Web Lesson on Display Logic.

  • Suppress a specific target when another target is available: e.g., display DOAJ_DIRECTORY_OPEN_ACCESS_JOURNALS_FREE and do not show other open access targets that have significant overlap with DOAJ; or display only one EBSCOhost target when there are several EBSCOhost targets available
  • Suppress one target service when another target service is available: e.g., suppress getDocumentDelivery when getFullTx is available
  • Suppress one of two active target services under the same target: e.g., suppress getTOC service when getFullTxt service is available

To set up a display logic rule:

  1. Go to SFX Admin à Configuration à Menu Configuration à Display logic
  2. Click on Add a display logic rule
  3. First select the target you want to display
  4. Select associated service
  5. Select the target that should not display
  6. Select associated service
  7. Hit submit.

Example 1.

In this example we want to suppress OPEN_LIBRARY_OF_HUMANITIES on the menu when DOAJ_DIRECTORY_OPEN_ACCESS_JOURNALS_FREE is available. The default setting, Any Service is chosen and no condition is specified.

Display Logic rule set up
Setting up a display logic rule to display one target in favor of another

Active display logic rule specifies not display Open Library of Humanities when DOAJ is available

Title Example1
The KB has two active targets associated with this title

Example 2.

Editing example2
The rule specifies to display only one EBSCOhost getFullTxt target service when there are other EBSCOhost getFullTxt target services available.  The threshold specifies that this rule will not apply when the source ID is the journal A-Z list, the KB manager, Voyager, or an 856 field in the catalog MARC record.

Example 3.

Editing example3
The rule specifies to not display getDocumentDelivery services when any getFullTxt target service is available. The threshold exempts the rule when the menu displays an embargo warning.

Learn more about Thresholds for Display Logic Rules from the CARLI Documentation.

Target Precedence

By default, the SFX menu displays active targets in alphabetical order. Target precedence allows SFX administrators to specify the order of targets on the SFX menu. For example, you may want to use target precedence to prioritize targets with current coverage (publisher website) over the ones with embargoes (aggregator databases). New! CARLI SFX Web Lesson on Target Precedence.

Libraries using the SFX Simplified Template

SFX KB admin à Menu Configuration  à  Menu Design à Simplified Template and Mobile Configuration à Target Precedence

  1. To define targets to display first on the menu, click the Add Target button
  2. Start typing target name
  3. Hit OK
  4. New target is added to the bottom of Target order list
  5. Use the up and down arrows to specify the priority of the newly added target
  6. Save changes by using Save button on the left.
  7. To define which targets to be displayed last on the list, use the same steps above in the section labeled “Targets to be placed last.” 
  8. Hit Save on the left.

Add a new target to Target Precedence

Select Target to be added to Target Precedence

Specify target order by using the up and down arrow

Save Target Precedence

With the newly activated display logic the Wiley target is displayed above the EBSCOHOST targets. Other targets on the menu are displayed in alphabetical order based on their SFX KB target name.

Specify targets to be placed last on the SFX menu

Libraries using the SFX Advanced SFX template

  1. Navigate to UNIX File Manager
  2. Edit /exlibris/sfx_ver/sfx4_1/sfx[xxx]/config/sort_services.config_file via UNIX file manager (xxx stands for the 3 letter code assigned by CARLI to the library’s SFX instance).
  3. Enter Target name under corresponding service type section.  Note:  use target name exactly as it appears in the SFX KB
  4. Save
  5. To specify targets to be placed last, edit /exlibris/sfx_ver/sfx4_1/sfx[xxx]/config/bottom_list.config_
  6. Enter Target name under corresponding service type section.  Note:  use target name exactly as it appears in the SFX KB
  7. Save

Edit sort_services.config_file to specify targets to display first on the menu

Edit bottom_list.config_ to specify targets to display last on the menu