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Alma and Link Resolvers: Procedures for Production/Cutover Migration

Updated 4/13/2020


As with the test load, SFX libraries must update their SFX instances as described in the documentation below for the Production Load. Data extracts and delivery to Ex Libris will be done by CARLI Staff.

All updates must be completed by May 8, 2020. Any changes to SFX after May 8 will not be reflected in Alma.

The SFX Committee studied Alma/Primo VE and developed procedures and instructions on how to get ready for the Alma/Primo VE implementation. These tasks and guidelines will help all 38 SFX I-Share libraries.

Reviewing Active SFX Targets (Licensed and Free & Open Access)

Reviewing CARLI Licensed Resources from the SFX shared instance Procedures

List of CARLI Licensed Resources in SFX shared instance

Reviewing Free & Open Access Resources Procedures

SFX Usage Statistics

CARLI staff will follow the SFX Systems Committee recommendation to run a report for each SFX library in June 2020 to yield last three years data for the following Queries:

2 -Number of SFX requests and clickthroughs per source The number of times users clicked the SFX button in any particular source (rec$sourceId) and the number of clickthroughs; output is sorted by source name. (Top Fifty sources only.)

7 -Number of clickthroughs per target The number of times specific targets were selected in the SFX menu. (Top Fifty targets only.)  

12 -Journals requested but have no fulltext The top journals for which SFX requests resulted in no full‐text services in the SFX menu.  (Top Fifty titles only.)

19 -Most popular journals The number of times the most frequently requested full‐text journals were shown and selected in the SFX menu. (Top Fifty titles only.)

CARLI staff will include notes about factors affecting data such as changes in VuFind catalogs, the A-Z lists and other SFX services. 

Ex Libris 360 Link

For those libraries that have ExLibris 360 products, you must run reports defined by ExLibris on your local instances and upload them to your Box folder.

Review Ex Libris documentation for instructions on exporting the desired reports (such as database details, tracked resources, or tracked eBooks and tracked eJournals, depending on your local usage).

Draft Reports are due to your institution's Box Folder by May 4, 2020.

Final Reports are due to your institution's Box Folder by May 8, 2020.

Any changes made to 360 Link after you deliver your Final Reports to CARLI will not be reflected in Alma.

EBSCO and OCLC Link Resolver Products

For EBSCO or OCLC link resolver products, your library staff have to fill out the spreadsheet “XXX_Link Resolver to Alma Activations.xlsm” to turn collections “on” in Alma.

Use the CARLI edited spreadsheet and provided in your institution’s Box folder.  We will provide this spreadsheet in your Box folder by April 15, 2020 (you must use the new spreadsheet, not the spreadsheet used during the test migration). 

The CARLI edited Excel file will indicate which portfolios will be activated as part of the Network Zone (consortially purchased collections), so you do not need to activate them locally.

Please review the new documentation about using the Excel sheet.
Additionally, please reference the Ex Libris webpage about his process. 

Draft Link Resolver File is due back to your institution’s Box folder May 1, 2020.

The Final File is Due back to your institution’s Box folder May 11, 2020.