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How to activate individual subscriptions

Basic Procedure

When you have a new individual subscription that you want to incorporate into SFX, keep in mind that activation is a three or four step process:

  1. Activate the appropriate Target
  2. Activate the Target Service (S = Service level) Then click on the edit window to the left and check the proxy box if you need the target to run through your proxy server.
  3. Activate the Object Portfolio (P = Portfolio) that most closely matches the title of your subscription
  4. If needed, edit the threshold of the portfolio to match the years and volumes of your library's subscription

Finally, check your work by clicking on the swirl (test button) on the far right side of the Target line in SFX

Resources to help in activating individual subscriptions

Detailed step by step examples of activating individual serial titles (pdf)

Excel spreadsheet template for tracking individual subscriptions and SFX activations

How do I tell SFX what I subscribe to? This is a series of videos on different types of targets.

  •  Part 2: How do I tell SFX what I subscribe to? Individual titles or small groups of titles
  •  Part 4: How do I tell SFX what I subscribe to? Titles not in the Knowledge Base

For large scale lists of titles to activate, see: How Do I Tell SFX What We Subscribe To? Using the Dataloader