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Interlibrary Loan options

SFX provides several options to facilitate interlibrary loan called DOCDEL for “Document Delivery”. Search for “DOCDEL” in the Knowledgebase to see what options SFX provides for interlibrary; there are 14 different Document Delivery options that you can configure in SFX.

In practice, however, most CARLI libraries use either the DOCDEL_ILLIAD target or the DOCDEL_LOCAL target. Determining what target to activate is straightforward; if your library uses ILLiad or RAPID to handle interlibrary loan request, the DOCDEL_ILLIAD target is likely your best bet. Otherwise, the DOCDEL_LOCAL target will likely be more appropriate for your library.

Configuring the ILLiad Target

The DOCDEL_ILLIAD target is configured via the linking parameters settings were the URL for your instance of ILLiad is defined. The global parse parameters should handle the link resolving and import your request directly from SFX into ILLiad.

Configure the Local Target

The DOCDEL_LOCAL target allows your patrons to create an email with the request information. This target can be configured using the service linking parameters to specify the appropriate email address to receive this message. For more details on setup see DOCDEL_LOCAL Target Configuration for CARLI members

Setting up Display Logic

Beyond activating the appropriate target, many libraries choose to add display logic to further customize the interlibrary loan options. Display logic, found under the “Menu Configuration” link on the main SFX Admin page, allows the library to tell SFX when to display the Document Delivery target. For example, if you wanted to display the Document Delivery target only when there is no Full Text target available, you could use the following display logic: