When Voyager Goes Down

One role for the I-Share liaison is to consider the implications of Voyager downtime for his or her particular library and to share that information with local colleagues. CARLI's announcements cannot contain all the details each library will need, because each library is different: libraries use different Voyager modules, different discovery layers, different link resolvers, etc. What follows is a list of suggestions for what you, as the I-Share liaison, should consider whenever you forward to your colleagues an announcement about scheduled Voyager downtime.

When Voyager is down, that means:

  • People who connect to any OPAC interface will see a "System unavailable" message: "The I-Share union catalog and all local I-Share member library catalogs are currently down for system maintenance." This applies to:
    • The regular VuFind interface to your local catalog
    • The VuFind mobile interface to your local catalog
    • The VuFind interface to the I-Share union catalog
    • The VuFind mobile interface to the I-Share union catalog
    • The WebVoyage interface to your local catalog
  • Library staff who attempt to launch Voyager staff clients will see the message: "Connection refused."
  • Circulation staff will have the option to use Voyager's "offline backup circ" function, which records charge and renew transactions (only) on your library's own items (only), for later upload to the server. Whether your library uses this function is a local decision.
  • Discovery layers that expose bibliographic data previously harvested from Voyager may work; but, with Voyager down, discovery layers will not pull holdings or item status data from Voyager dynamically. The exact message the user sees will vary, depending on the discovery layer system (EBSCO Discovery, Summon, Primo Central, etc.).
  • External services that connect to the catalog will be affected. For instance:
    • Library web page widgets that search the OPAC will lead users to the "System unavailable" message.
    • Link resolver OPAC targets will lead users to the "System unavailable" message.
    • "Canned" searches in academic courseware pages will lead users to the "System unavailable" message.
    • Z39.50 connections to Voyager from discovery layer software, link resolvers, or desktop clients will fail. The exact message the user sees will vary, depending on the client.
  • Data on the I-Share reports server will be stale. Any library functions that rely on reports server data will be affected.
  • Data on the CARLI authentication server will be stale. However, most people's access to electronic resources will be unaffected by a Voyager outage: valid users who were represented in the Voyager patron file at the beginning of a Voyager outage should be able to connect to CARLI-authenticated services for the duration of a Voyager outage. CARLI-authenticated services include:
    • Protected pages on the CARLI Office web site
    • Electronic resources protected by a library proxy server that queries Voyager patron data on CARLI's authentication server
    • Selected electronic resources protected (for a very few I-Share libraries without a proxy server) by CARLI-supported authentication scripts

CARLI strives to keep Voyager downtime to a minimum, but some downtime for major system maintenance is unavoidable. System status information will be posted on the CARLI web site. If you have questions or concerns, please contact support@carli.illinois.edu.