OPAC Usage Data

Anonymized OPAC Usage Logs

Sixty days' worth of anonymized logs from New VuFind, VuFind 0.6, and WebVoyage are available for researchers to download and analyze. Older logs will roll off as new logs are added. Files are available in gzip'd format. CARLI offers these logs as fodder for research projects. Although anonymized, they are still raw: they are not documented, analyzed, parsed, or summarized except by date. As researchers delve into these data and reach conclusions about user behavior or recommendations for interface design changes, we hope they will share their findings in appropriate fora.

The former I-Share Users' Group's OPAC Team launched a page on which OPAC usage log analysts can share tips and techniques. CARLI encourages I-Share members to share their research on usage logs.

Responding to ACRL's Annual Survey Request

WebVoyage and VuFind usage statistics were developed in response to requests from I-Share libraries for help responding to ACRL's annual request for the approximate number of "virtual visits" to the library catalog. Note the link to the README file at the top of the acrlstats page: this contains special information about particular monthly reports, when usage counts will be unusally low due to an interruption in usage logging. Web-crawler/bot traffic is on the rise; CARLI does not exclude such "automated" traffic from these counts.

  • Note that "Requests initiated" means that someone/something, somewhere, viewed the "Request" tab for a record in the OPAC, but that viewing the request tab doesn't necessarily mean a request was attempted for the item.
    • If your library does not allow local call slip requests and does not have the "Request" button enabled in your local catalog, the statistics for "Requests Initiated" in your local catalog will almost always have been created by web-crawlers/bots.
    • The statistics for libraries that allow local requesting will be a combination of patron views and web-crawler/bot traffic.
  • If you'd like a count of the request placed/filled by your library's patrons for I-Share items, or for requests placed/filled for your library's items by I-Share patrons, use the data provided by UB Stat 4. CARLI runs both a monthly version and an annual FY version of UB Stat 4 for each I-Share library.