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Getting Started with Voyager Access Reports in the I-Share Environment

Information to help you get started and understand using Voyager Access Reports in the unique I-Share Environment. (revised 8/24/2016)

Setting up

  • Your library's I-Share liaison, Library Director, or Logon Security contact must file a Work Request Online (WRO) to obtain an Oracle account for each staff member who will design, create, and run local Access reports.
  • Oracle 10g must be installed and ODBC connections must be configured on each PC that will run Access Reports.  Use the ODBC installation/configuration documentation and automatic installer program posted on the CARLI website Do NOT use the instructions in the Voyager manuals.

I-Share Environment Reminders

  • The data available for I-Share reports comes from the production Voyager server.
  • For security and privacy reasons, three Oracle tables used by Voyager are NOT available to library staff for their report writing.  The tables are:
    • Operator
    • Saved_Searches
    • Saved_Records_Results
  • Reports that include library data from other than your own can only be designed and run by CARLI central staff.  Some of the UB reports in Access, identified as “(warehouse query)” are of this type.  Your library’s I-Share liaison will need to file Work Requests for these or other customized UB reports.
  • CARLI has established a Shared SQL page from which libraries can copy the SQL for queries; these can, if desired, be customized for local reports.  On this page you will find:
    • SQL from your I-Share colleagues and CARLI central staff.  These are grouped into general categories such as Acquisitions, Local Catalog Maintenance, Local Circulation Maintenance, etc. Please remember to share reports you have developed locally that you think might be of use to your I-Share colleagues.
    • An enhanced CARLI version of the generic Voyager reports.mdb file. In addition to the standard Voyager pre-packaged Access reports, this file includes the shared SQL that was available as of June 1, 2016 and includes other enhancements.
    • Enhanced Class Diagrams. These enhanced diagrams are unique to the I-Share Voyager implementation and reflect our environment. Class Diagrams are graphic representations of the relationships among and between Oracle tables.
    • A Data Dictionary describing what fields are in each table and is enhanced by CARLI Office staff.
    • SQL for most of the reports in the I-Share annual stats package.
    • A number of additional explanatory and instructive documents on using Access for reports in the I-Share environment.

If you have any questions on Oracle/ODBC installation, how to construct queries, content of tables, or other reporting areas, please contact . Remember, your library’s I-Share liaison or Director can file a WRO for any report with which you’re having difficulty.