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Voyager Data Dictionary for Voyager 9.1.1
The Voyager Data Dictionary includes "Tricks for Using Voyager Tables in Queries". App. A has information about the “Type mismatch in expression” message, and App. B has details about what’s in the LINK and LINK_TEXT fields of ELINK_INDEX.

Voyager Reverse Data Dictionary for V9.1.1
This spreadsheet provides another way to find the data you want in the Voyager tables. It lists the names of all the fields in the Voyager database. It shows whether the field is textual or numeric and lists the table in which the field may be found.

Reports with Call Number Ranges: How to Request Them and How to Write Them

Importing an External Table into MS Access Related: State Name Table and Country Name Table

Historical Browse Statistics in I-Share

Oracle Indexes for Voyager Tables

MARC Fields from BIB_TEXT

Each class diagram shows a set of Voyager tables that work together to perform some function. The arrows between them show how the tables relate, in other words, how the tables should be joined in your queries.

The Ex Libris set of class diagrams (V6.1)
There are 30 diagrams in their set. Number them from 1 through 30 so that the CARLI's Data Dictionary will refer to them correctly.

The Ex Libris set of class diagrams (V9.1)

There are 41 diagrams in the version 9 set. Number them from 1 through 41 so that the CARLI Data Dictionary for Voyager 9.1.1 will refer to them correctly.

CARLI has created some additional diagrams which are available below. In the CARLI Data Dictionary for Voyager 9.1.1, number the pages from 42 to 51:
Class Diagrams for Bibs (p.44)

Class Diagrams for Holdings (p.48)

Class Diagrams for Authorities (p.43)

Class Diagrams for Acquisitions Setup (p.42)

Class Master Set-up (p.49)

Class Diagrams for Cataloging Setup (p.45)

Class Diagrams for Circulation Setup (p.46)

Class Diagrams for Vendors (p.50)

Class Diagrams for Elinks (URLs) (p.47)

Class Diagrams for Complex Patterns (p.51)

CARLI staff can write queries for you and provide you with the results and the custom SQL so that you can run it again in the future.  Simply file a WRO for  a "Voyager Ad Hoc (Customized) Report" describing what you need.