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About CARLI's New Titles List

Classic WebVoyage and VuFind 0.6

The CARLI-supported New Titles List at (where XXX is the three-letter code for an I-Share library) allows I-Share library patrons to identify easily materials recently added to their home library collection. A "New in I-Share" list is also available for the union catalog.

The New Titles List allows users to see titles "new since yesterday," back to "new since three months ago" (or "since one month ago" in the union catalog's list). Users may set the sort order (author; title; or, in the local lists, call number), select a library-defined location filter, or enter author or title keywords to refine their retrieval further. Results displays include the author; title (hyperlinked to the full record in the catalog); bibliographic 856 field data; and, in the local lists, call number, and location of the item(s). Results can also be sent to an RSS feed.

The New Titles List relies on a query that runs at 4AM each day against data on CARLI's Voyager server. The query selects titles from non-OPAC-suppressed bibs where attached MFHDs were added or updated in the last 90 days (30 days, for the union catalog). The MFHDs must have an attached item record, a URL, or both. The resulting report is queried in turn by a newbooks.cgi, which returns results based on the user’s criteria.

To customize the look of the New Titles List for your library, or to define location filters, use the New Titles List customization form.

Users can link to the New Titles List directly or from the OPAC. To add a "New in the Catalog" button to the WebVoyage toolbar, send a request to . To add a link from the VuFind 0.6 local catalog, complete section 16 of the VuFind 0.6 Customization Form.

CARLI's New Titles List was based on code developed originally by Michael Doran of the University of Texas at Arlington (see for more information about Doran's work). CARLI staff modified Doran’s code to optimize performance in a consortial environment, to make the New Titles List resemble VuFind instead of WebVoyage, and to make the New Titles List more accessible to users who rely on screen readers.

New VuFind (VuFind 4.x)

The New Items function is built-in to New VuFind and does not require any special configuration or customization. It can be found at where "xyz" is a library's three-letter I-Share code.  Users can choose titles from "Yesterday," from the "Past 5 days," or from the "Past 30 days."  The most recent 1000 titles will be displayed.