CARLI currently provides 3 interfaces for the online catalog:

Libraries may also use/purchase other discovery layers (example, WorldCat, Primo, Summon, EBSCO, etc. at their discretion and cost).

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The Right URL to Use

VuFind 0.6 Mobile Interface to I-Share Local Catalogs

OPAC Search Box Builder*
*This Search Box builder is not yet updated for New VuFind.
*To build a New VuFind search box, use the builder to create a regular VuFind search box--or find the existing search box code on your website--and email the code to and CARLI support will update the code for New VuFind. Or, follow these easy steps to convert it yourself.

How to access the Voyager Training Databases

Canned Searches in I-Share WebVoyage Version 6

Linking from EBSCOhost to I-Share VuFind

Linking from WorldCat to I-Share WebVoyage

Linking from WorldCat to I-Share VuFind

I-Share via Z39.50

EndNote connection files

New VuFind

While CARLI continues to troubleshoot any functionality problems with VuFind 4, aka "New VuFind", enhancement and changes to the system are no longer being made. Please submit any questions regarding New VuFind functionality to .

New VuFind FAQ

List of Known Issues with New VuFind

New VuFind Change Log of Completed Work

VuFind 0.6

While CARLI continues to troubleshoot any functionality problems with VuFind 0.6, enhancements to VuFind 0.6 are no longer being made. Please send any questions regarding VuFind 0.6 functionality to .

Basic account how-to for patrons:

CARLI's VuFind 0.6 FAQ

About Creating Accounts and Logging in to VuFind 0.6

VuFind 0.6 Change History

CARLI's VuFind 0.6 issues list

About VuFind in General

CARLI & Hathi Trust

Note about "In Transit On Hold" and "On Hold" items in WebVoyage Classic

Following the upgrade to Voyager version 9.1.1 in June 2015, WebVoyage Classic is no longer able to display the title information for "in transit on hold" or "on hold" status items on the MyAccount page correctly. The problem is only with the display; the requests function normally.

Library staff can see accurate information about the requests in the Voyager staff clients. Patrons can see accurate title information in their VuFind account.

Defining and Using a New Keyword Index in Voyager

Presenter: Paige Weston — CARLI Office

Columns on I-Share WebVoyage Titles Page/Default Sorting Specification

Hyperlinks from the WebVoyage Single-Record View Pages for Version 6

Indexes and WebVoyage Search Types

Limits in the I-Share-Default WebVoyage

Strategies for Retrieving Translations through WebVoyage

SuDoc Call Number Searching in Voyager

Voyager Field Weighting for Relevance Ranking in I-Share Databases

Voyager Indexes in the I-Share Environment

WebVoyage Full View Definition

WebVoyage Brief View Definition

WebVoyage "More Like This" View Definition

WebVoyage Holdings Record Display Configuration

Display of 856 Fields in WebVoyage (Appendix A, pg 30)

Discovery Layers in the I-Share Environment

Four one-hour presentations from I-Share libraries that have implemented WorldCat Local, Primo Central, EBSCO Discovery or Summon. Spring 2013.

VuFind, HathiTrust & Public Domain eResources

CARLI has introduced access to public domain, electronic full-text materials in the HathiTrust collection via the I-Share union catalog. This webinar, hosted by the I-Share OPAC team, provides information to member libraries that are considering whether to incorporate the same HathiTrust records into default searches of their local catalogs as well. Questions covered include: What is HathiTrust? What can your library currently do with these records? What are the implications for small and large libraries? What are the issues for mobile device users? What are your options for providing access (or not) to 1.2 million freely available electronic documents via your local catalog?

Recorded on August 14, 2012. ~27 minutes