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New 2016 I-Share Participating Libraries Resources

General Information

Voyager Migration Timeline Last Updated June 22, 2016

CARLI Voyager Client Update Checker: Instructions for Installation for new I-Share Libraries

Downloading, Installing, Configuring, and Using the Voyager 9.1.1 clients For the 2016 I-Share New Participating Libraries Project (Updated 1/2016)

I-Share System & Connection Requirements

I-Share/Voyager PC Requirements

Voyager Client Executable

Voyager Client Update Checker

Transferring Data Files to and from the CARLI Test Server using Secure FTP

2016 New I-Share Libraries Port Information

Data Conversion 

ExLibris Item Level Data Migration Questionnaire (DMQ) for Concise Voyager Migration
This questionnaire allows you to describe for ExLibris staff the specific field/subfields into which the various item-level data elements have been placed in your bibliographic records, that will be used to in the "bib load" process.

Standard Interface Files (SIF)

Patron Record Standard Interface File

Charge Transaction Record Standard Interface File

Voyager Data Conversion Information for 2016 New I-Share Participating Libraries
The DCI outlines which data conversion decisions can be made at the local level, which must adhere to consortial policies, and which are made by Ex Libris for the data conversion to Voyager. 

Voyager Data Conversions (Graphic Outline)

Sample ABBA Table for New I-Share Participating Libraries
This web page contains a link to an example ABBA table used in a previous conversion to Voyager, with annotations to try to explain some of the concepts contained within the table.

Data Migration Acceptance Testing Worksheets
Use these worksheets to collect example records for your library's data migration to Voyager.

I-Share Voyager Bib Load Data Review Procedures

I-Share Voyager Patron Record Load Data Review Procedures

I-Share Voyager Circulation Transaction Load Data Review Procedures

LC Name Authority File Subset (2016)

LC Subject Authority File Subset (2016)

Voyager Documentation

Voyager Version 9.1.1 documentation from ExLibris

Voyager System Administration in I-Share Libraries

Voyager System Administration in I-Share Libraries: Migrating Voyager Libraries 

Voyager System Administration in I-Share Libraries: Migrating Voyager Libraries Checklist


Links to Registrations and Training Materials will be added here as available.

Understanding and Using MFHDs Workshop - February 24, 2016

Data Conversion Orientation webinar - January 15, 2016

Slides from Data Conversion Orientation Webinar