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Voyager Client Installation Instructions: Update Checker Method

Visit the Voyager Client Update Checker FAQ for more information.

The Voyager Client Update Checker isn’t just for keeping Voyager clients up-to-date when CARLI upgrades the Voyager system every couple of years. Many libraries choose the Voyager Client Update Checker to install Voyager clients on new computers because it downloads the CARLI consortial versions of the Voyager.ini, the Cataloging tag tables, the consortial Callslip.ini file, and the CARLI_Reports.mdb file.

A Manual Installation option is available if you prefer not to install the Voyager Client Update Checker, but it requires staff to download and update all of the configuration files individually after installation.

  • For configuration of the clients for production use or for reinstallation of the clients, please reference the full instructions.
  • Visit the Voyager Client Update Checker FAQ for more information.
  • CARLI’s Voyager Client Update Checker is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. Note that all instructions must be followed on Windows 10.

Installation Instructions

Follow all steps for installations on Windows 10.

  1. Log onto the computer with full Windows Administrator privileges. The Voyager Client Update Checker must be installed on a PC while logged on with full Windows “Administrator” privileges.
  2. Followthese directions from Ex Libris before beginning the installation. You MUST also complete this step if installing Voyager to a workstation running Window 10 Home Edition; failing to perform this step will install the update checker but no Voyager clients.
  3. Download the Update Checker program file to your PC.
    Voyager Client Update Checker
  4. Double-click on the .exe file to run it. The Wizard will automatically open and step you through the installation process:

  5. Choose your institution from the list:

  6. Choose the folder where Voyager client programs will be installed on your computer:

  7. Choose which of the Voyager clients should be installed and updated on the PC:
    • Note: You do not have to install all of the clients on each machine. Only install those that are useful to the operator of that machine.
    • There are no specific security restrictions for the Call Slip and Reporter clients; they are accessible to anyone with a Voyager username/password. Therefore, you will want to think carefully about which computers require these modules.

  8. When prompted "Do you want Voyager Update Checker to automatically check for new updates daily?" Chose No.
    • CARLI will not be upgrading Voyager before the Alma/Primo VE migration.

  9. It may take a few minutes to complete installation. The Update Checker will install itself and the latest Voyager clients, unless the latest clients are already present on the PC, in which case the Update Checker will install only itself. There may be periods during the installation when there are no visual pop-up boxes or progress bars, but you will notice that your PC is still working.
  10. Once installation has finished, you will receive one of the following pop-up messages:
    • If the Update Checker and current clients were installed simultaneously: “You have been automatically upgraded to the latest Voyager client software: Voyager X You must reboot your computer before using the Voyager clients” (where X is the current version of Voyager).
    • If clients were already present so the Update Checker installed only itself: “You already have the latest Voyager client software installed: Voyager X” (where X is the current version of Voyager).
  11. You must Reboot your PC before using the Voyager clients.
    • If you fail to reboot, any Voyager clients installed by the Update Checker may not work correctly, displaying the error "Unable to encrypt data on client."
    • If you receive the error message "Unexpected error. quitting." when trying to open the Acquisitions or Cataloging clients, right-click on the Acquistions.exe or Catalog.exe file in the Voyager directory and choose to "Run as Administrator." This is a known issue with the Voyager clients and should only need to be done once.

Revised 04/05/2019