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Alexander Street Press and Proquest Cleanup

How can I identify and fix ProQuest and Alexander Street Collection (ASP) migration activation errors in Alma?

Why are all these international video collections active in my Alma IZ? The wrong ProQuest & Alexander Street electronic collection(s) are active in my Alma IZ, what do I do?

1. Go to your library's CARLI Box XXX Production Load folder and look for the file "01CARLI_XXX_PQ_Activations", this file shows what ProQuest has activated. (where"XXX" is your library's three letter I-Share code.)

2. Download the file and open in Excel. Then sort by collection name.  Here’s an illustration:ASP_ex1.GIF

3. For almost all I-Share libraries, ProQuest (PQ) activated the "international" Alexander Street Press (ASP) versions along with the U.S. or North American ones.

For some collections PQ also mixed up “Electronic Collection Type.” Some packages/collections of portfolios were classified as "database." Note in Alma a "database" electronic collection is indexing only, no portfolios/titles.

4. Review your library’s Alma active electronic collections that came from this PQ list. Deactivate or delete any of the international versions or other collections that were activated in error. To delete you will need user role "Electronic Inventory Operator Extended."

5. Then, if needed, activate correct collections that fit your libraries' ASP and PQ purchases.