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How To: Removing Item Temporary Locations and Item Types from Reserves Items

I can’t change or remove the reserve location of an item record in cataloging? What’s wrong?

(posted 11/14/2016)
If the “Temp. Loc.” and “Temp. Type” fields are grayed out for the item record in Voyager Cataloging, this means the item record is on an active reserve list for Voyager Circulation.

  • Look for “[On Reserve]” in brackets in the window title for the item record.
    Example of item record marked On Reserve with temporary location and temporary item type.
    Placing an item “On Reserve” tells Voyager to apply the temporary settings of the reserve list to the item, instead of the permanent location and item type or any previously applied temporary location or item type.
  • Notice that the temporary location and item type settings highlighted below are the temporary settings greyed-out in the screenshot above.
    Example of Reserve List View showing location and item type setting

An item will remain on a reserve list until removed by library staff.

  • The reserve list’s effective dates determine whether it appears in the public reserve list search screens in VuFind or WebVoyage.
  • The item’s “On Reserve” status determines if the reserve list’s temporary location and item settings are applied.

If you need to change the temporary location for the item, begin by checking with your library’s circulation department reserves supervisor.

To locate the item in a Reserve List:

  1. In Voyager Circulation, select the Reserve button or menu option.
    Circulation client, reserve list button
  2. In the Reserve List Search box that opens, search by Item Barcode.
    Circulation cliente, reserve list search
  3. If the item is included in only one reserve list, the reserve list will open.
    If the item is included in more than one reserve list, you will be presented with a list of choices.
    • You will need to make your changes to the item in each of the reserve lists.
  4. To turn the item “Off Reserve” and thus remove the assigned temporary location/item type, right click on the item in the reserve list, and choose “Off Reserve” from the pop-up menu.
    Reserve list, item view; right click the item and choose Off Reserve."
  5. Once the item is “Off Reserve”, it will revert back to its permanent location and item type.
  6. Refresh the item in Voyager Cataloging, or search for the item record again, and you will see the updates.

Review the Best Practices for Reserves for further directions on how to:

  • Remove the item from the reserve list.
  • Delete the reserve list.