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Suppression of Bib Records From the Universal Catalog

In 2004, programming was completed that could prevent a bibliographic record from being displayed in the Universal Catalog without preventing its display in the local library’s catalog. The IUAG Consortial Cataloging and Authority Control Committee was asked to propose a position statement on the use of this functionality by I-Share libraries.

We believe that the Universal Catalog should reflect as complete a picture as possible of the resources available in each member library, whether these materials are available for consortial borrowing or not. To this end, we believe that suppression from the Universal Catalog should not be applied to non-circulating collections or records representing electronic resources available only to a single library’s patrons. Such restrictions should be reflected in the circulation policies and through appropriate displays in the catalog rather than by suppression from view.

Suppression from the Universal Catalog may be appropriate, but not required, for the following types of bibliographic records:

  1. Bibliographic records during the order process.
  2. Bibliographic records that do not contain appropriate control number fields used in the de-duplication process, which would potentially result in duplicate records if loaded to the Universal Catalog by multiple libraries.
  3. Bibliographic records with vendor-imposed use restrictions.

The policy above is intended to complement, neither replace nor supersede, the following documents which deal with specific issues in the Universal Catalog:

Reserves: Setup and Workflow

Cooperative Cataloging Guidelines for I-Share Databases

Using OCLC for Batch Loading Records into I-Share Databases

Drafted by the Consortial Cataloging and Authority Control committee June 2, 2004
Approved by IUAG August 13, 2004
Updated October 2006 by the I-Share Cataloging and Authority Control Team to incorporate consortial and system name changes.