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Complex Publication Patterns

Publication Patterns in Voyager  (5.5MB)

This file contains the Title, ISSN, Pattern description, and Count of I-Share libraries using the pattern for the preexisting patterns in Voyager Acquisitions. What pattern you choose is a local decision, but this information may be useful to see which pattern is used most often for particular titles. Because the file is quite large it is recommended you download it to your local machine and use Excel's "Find" feature to locate the ISSN you need.

Quick Guide to Setting up Purchase Orders and Check-In Records for Periodicals in Voyager  

 Serials Check-in Tip Sheet

Technical Services Committee Forum: Shelf Ready

Presented on Friday, April 17th, 2015 by the CARLI Technical Services Committee.

Description: The day started with a discussion of what shelf ready is and the pros and cons of the service. Following that, several institutions shared their shelf-ready experiences in a panel discussion. CARLI staff gave a Voyager 9.1.1 update on new features and changes for I-Share Technical Services staff.  The day concluded with roundtable discussions on three concurrent topics: shelf ready (for those who want to continue the conversation), MarcEdit (what we have learned so far in Terry Reese’s webinar series, as well as how we are using MarcEdit locally), and Voyager 9.1.1 upgrade Q & A.

Exploring Shelf-Ready Services, CARLI Technical Services Committee's 2015 Annual Project

Changing Landscapes in Technical Services Forum

Presented on Tuesday April 18, 2014 by the CARLI Technical Services Committee

Description: Sessions will highlight the immense changes that are affecting technical services, with special attention to RDA and its implications for individual libraries and the consortium as a whole. 

Voyager Acquistions Client Training Materials

Changing your Institution's Voyager Ledger and Fund Structure

This webinar discusses Voyager ledger and fund structures, and how Northeastern Illinois University went about changing their fund structure after determining their initial structure no longer served their needs. A brief overview of Voyager ledger and fund structure basics will be followed by NEI’s reasoning, plan and implementation of their fund structure change.

Presenter: Carlos Melian, Interim Dean of Libraries and Learning Resources, Northeastern Illinois University. Recorded on February 22, 2013. ~40 minutes


Reconciling Voyager Acquisitions with your Institution's Accounting System

Libraries use Voyager’s Acquisitions module as an effective tool for generating orders and invoices and tracking commitments and expenditures.  At most institutions, however, commitments and expenditures are still controlled by a central accounting office.  The Harper College Library has developed procedures for reconciling activity in the Acquisitions module with Accounting Office transactions using Voyager reports, Oracle reports, and Excel spreadsheets.  This webinar will be devoted to demonstrating how the Harper Library uses these tools to keep careful track of its purchasing activity and maintain a balanced budget.

Presenter: Jim Edstrom, Coordinator of Technical Services, Harper College. Recorded on November 28, 2012. ~30 minutes


Voyager Reconciliation Template

Getting the Best Deal Comparing Prices and Vendors

In this webinar, Andy Meyer, North Park University shares insights, formulas, spreadsheets, and queries to compare prices and vendors in order to best meet the needs of small academic libraries. This webinar covers the raw data of price comparison, tests how accurate the results have been and how they have impacted acquisitions workflow and procedures, before finally considering some other aspects of acquisitions: vendor performance, customer service, etc. This session is intended for Acquisitions staff at I-Share libraries. Recorded on January 11, 2011. ~47 minutes


Shared SQL for Voyager Reports, Invoicing section: SQL for queries used in the presentation.

Complex Publication Patterns in Voyager Acquisitions

Complex Publication Patterns are used to create check-in records for serial titles with predictable but irregular publication patterns. In this webinar, Alexis Rogers, Lincoln Land Community College, will show you examples of "problem" titles, teach you how to create and revise your own patterns, and be directed to useful documentation on the CARLI website. This session is intended for staff at CARLI member libraries using Voyager Acquisitions. Recorded on October 19, 2010. ~42 minutes