Improved Request Functionality-Phase 2 in the New VuFind catalog

CARLI staff are pleased to announce that Phase 2 of New VuFind’s improved Request functionality is now available in Production New VuFind!

The second phase of new request functionality in New VuFind includes:

1. The “Request This Item” link located after each Item listed in the Holdings tab now says “Check if item can be requested”.

  • When a user is logged in and clicks the “Check if item can be requested” link, the system will change the text briefly to say “Checking…” and check the item to see if it is able to be requested by the user.

  • If the item can be requested, the link will change to “Request This Item”.  Clicking the “Request This Item” link will cause the Request form to open in a pop-up window as before.

  • If the item cannot be requested, the link will change to “Item cannot be requested”.

2. When there are multiple holdings with multiple items to choose from, a “Select Item” menu to the left of the Request button allows a user to select multiple options from the list.  

  • This enables the patron to select differently cataloged variants of the same enumeration, such as both “v.1” and “v. 1” or both “v.70(2013)” and “v. 70”.
  • When the user clicks the button to request, the system will look for the first available item that it can find from any of the highlighted selections and present the Request form in a pop-up window for that item.   
  • Note: Selecting more than one item will NOT request multiple items at once; a request can be placed only on a single item at a time.

Please share this information with anyone at your library who may need to know, especially your Instruction, Circulation, and Reference staff if your library is already using the New VuFind version of the catalog.  

More Information

You can learn more about CARLI’s New VuFind catalog at:
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