Improved Request Functionality in the New VuFind catalog

August 13, 2018

CARLI staff are pleased to announce that Phase 1 of the improved request functionality is now available in Production New VuFind!

This is the first phase of New VuFind’s version of the popular VuFind 0.6 functionality known as “Request First Available.” Since New VuFind is fundamentally different than VuFind 0.6, this request functionality has been re-developed from the ground up. As a result, CARLI Office staff are developing and enhancing this functionality in phases, so you will see modifications as the code matures. We will send an announcement before each next phase is released, so that library staff may have time to update their instructional materials.

The first phase of new request functionality introduces the following features:

1. A “Request Item” button in the local catalog, and a “Request from I-Share Libraries” button in the I-Share union catalog.

  • If your library allows your patrons local call slip request permissions, i.e. if you allow your patrons to request your library items, in your local catalog, the “Request Item” button will display at the top of the “Holdings” tab:

Clicking the button prompts New VuFind to check your library’s holdings for a requestable copy of the item.

  • In the I-Share union catalog, the button is labeled “Request from I-Share Libraries”:

Clicking the button prompts New VuFind to check the holdings at all of the I-Share libraries.  This includes your local library if you allow local call slip for your patrons.

  • The system will check each item for one that can be requested and provide textual feedback beneath the button as it checks.
    • If a requestable copy is found, the Request form will open in a pop-up window.
    • If a requestable copy is not found, the text “There are no more items left to check” will display below the button.
  • If the item is only available for pick-up at the item’s home library, the item’s library will be the only choice offered as the “Pick-Up Library” in the Request form.
  • If the patron’s account does not have appropriate permissions to place the request on the selected item--such as reaching a block threshold--the patron will receive an error message.  

2. When there are multiple holdings with multiple items to choose from, a “Select Item” dropdown menu will appear to the left of the button to allow users to quickly select which item they would like to request.

Please share this information with anyone at your library who may need to know, especially your Instruction, Circulation, and Reference staff if your library is already using the New VuFind version of the catalog.  

Phase 2

You are also now able to preview the changes being tested and developed during Phase 2 in the Test version of the New VuFind catalog at:

In Phase 2, we hope to include enhancements like:

  • Improved wording and user interfaces.
  • Allowing patrons who use the “Request this Item” links to check for requestability before going through the requesting process.

More Information

You can learn more about CARLI’s New VuFind catalog at:
Change Log
Known Issues List

Please send any questions or comments to . Thank you!