I-Share Instruction Team Meeting: January 17, 2012

Members attending: Kirstin Duffin, Julie Murphy, Elizabeth Nicholson, Marisa Walstrum, Susan Avery, Merna Youngblood

Excused members: Chris Sweet, Ken Orenic, Ariel Neff

IUG Liaison attending: Nancy Laverdiere

CARLI staff attending: Lorna Engels


  • Minutes from the December 2011 meeting were approved.

CARLI report - Lorna Engels

  • Still in the process of fine-tuning the PDA program (patron driven acquisitions).
  • HATHI trust availability – CARLI is working on
  • IACRL preconference with demos from vendors for discovery tools on March 15th (EBSCO, OCLC, SS, etc).

IUG report

  • Jan 5 UB patron blocks went into effect.
  • Announced production servers will move from UIC to UIUC. Anticipate outages in addition to the regularly scheduled maintenance. Report drop out problems on VuFind contact CARLI for support.
  • CARLI continues to move the digitized Hathi Trust records into the Union Catalog. There is no ETA on completion at this point.
  • Brandon Gant at CARLI has a requestable device which can be attached to monitor server activity, if an institution feels there are problems.
  • Board approved community colleges to apply to join I-Share (as a result of library systems merging).
  • Announcement of Mary Burkee hired as new eResources coordinator for CARLI
  • Acquisitions work group is working on developing tutorials in collaboration with the cataloging workgroup. May 4th forum at Newberry library.
  • OPAC is working on standardization and icon updates.
  • Resource Sharing had 2 fall webinars: the Shelflister program & best practices on UB blocks.
  • Ebook summit discussion from November – there has been a request for sharing of a comprehensive summary from the discussion teams.
  • CARLI requesting information for possible specs for a Request for Information Proposal (RFI) on eBook eresource sharing. They have arranged an afternoon of meetings with vendors at ALA Midwinter. An update will come after these meetings.
  • IUG webinar for the consortium – topics TBD (look for it in March or May)
  • Next scheduled meeting is January 20th 2012.

Ariel Neff

  • It was announced that Ariel has accepted a position at University of Wisconsin – Madison’s Science Library.  The Instruction Team wishes to thank Ariel for her valuable contributions to the team and success in her future.

Old business:

Instruction Team’s Wiki

  • No update on drupal per Lorna

Unconference Review

  • Many positive evaluations – Q&A & discussions were rewarding and appreciated.
  • Suggestions for improvement
    • More time for reporting back
    • Some attendees suggested multiple topics & lightning rounds but did not provide details on how/when they would take place
    • A suggest was made to invite teaching faculty next time

Spring Forum

  • Dr. Chubbuck is available Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday dates in June. The week of the 4th (June 6th or 8th) was suggested as a good time for the forum because it will not compete with ALA.
  • Lorna will check into availability of facilities with our new dates.
  • Funding proposal - due in January.
    • Addressed some of the questions on CARLI’s Program Planning Request Form:  see Google doc -https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nOVJX3WStWNkuX8i90aKauZDX0vAyhiWLHrVVE9BvtY/edit?hl=en_US
    • Lorna volunteered to start out the description for the event and would like feedback asap.
    • Julie volunteered to assist in filling in the problem/needs that the forum will address.
  • Forum title – Library Instruction for a diverse student population.
  • Format of presentation - Keynote address, Breakout sessions.
  • A decision to invite library students was made by the team.

New business

  • No new business to report.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:50 a.m.

Next meeting: February 21, 2012, 10:00am - 11:30am

Respectfully submitted,
Marisa Walstrum
National Louis University