I-Share Next Task Force

Chair: Kristine Hammerstrand

Name Term Institution
Pat Boze2014-2018Illinois State Library
Anne Craig2016-2018CARLI
Cindy Fuller2014-2018Millikin University
Tom Goetz2014-2018Harper College
Kristine Hammerstrand2014-2018CARLI
Tammy Kuhn-Schnell2014-2018Lincoln Land Community College
Tami Luedtke2014-2018DePaul University
Michael Norman2014-2018University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Ted Schwitzner2014-2018CARLI
Matthew Short2014-2018Northern Illinois University
Connie Walsh2014-2018CARLI
Suzanne Wilson2014-2018Illinois Wesleyan University

Body to which the group reports: Board of Directors

The CARLI I-Share Next Task Force coordinates the effort and advises the CARLI staff, Board and members on all matters related to the selection of the next generation of I-Share, i.e., a shared library management system for CARLI.  This group coordinates all planning, analysis, specification compilation, bid preparation and proposal review. The group will recommend the finalist options and ultimately will recommend a final preferred solution to the CARLI Board.

They will be expected to work within a timeline to be established and overseen by the CARLI Board. While the I-Share Next Task Force may recommend changes to the timeline, the CARLI Board must approve any changes to milestone dates.

The I-Share Next Task Force’s review and analysis focus will include system functionality, consortial suitability and scalability, system architecture, vendor viability and support factors, operating environment and requirements, and cost of acquiring and maintaining the product.  It is expected that this review will cover both commercial and open source solutions.

The Task Force will report regularly to the Board and will work with the CARLI staff to develop a communication plan for keeping the CARLI membership informed and engaged during all phases of the project.

The Task Force will, in consultation with the CARLI staff and Board, be empowered to create Teams to carry out specific tasks, such as developing functional specifications in a particular area, when it is advantageous or expeditious to do so. Members of the I-Share Next Task Force will then chair these Teams.

The expected term of service is three years.  Members will be asked to apply for their positions and are expected to have considerable experience with shared ILS/LMSs. Staff at all Governing member libraries are eligible to apply.  Members will represent a diverse array of stakeholders in I-Share, ideally with three members each from Public Universities, Private Institutions, and Community Colleges. The Task Force will meet at least monthly, perhaps more frequently during the proposal review phase. Task Force members will be expected to attend webinars, read and analyze all bid documents, and review demo systems. Members should expect to spend several hours a week on this project.

It is anticipated that this group’s work will continue past the recommendation of a final product and through any negotiation for contractual terms and the development of an implementation timeline. This work’s group will be considered complete when CARLI establishes one or more implementation and training teams to move the project to completion.