Collections Working Group Meeting: July 13, 2011

Conference Call

Members attending: Lydia Morrow Ruetten (Chair), Governors State University; Chad Buckley, Illinois State University; Kimberly Fournier, William Rainey Harper College; David Green, Northeastern Illinois University; Mary Hollerich, Lewis University; Karen Janke, Erikson Institute; Harriet Lightman, Northwestern University; Jim Millhorn, Northern Illinois University; Todd Spires, Bradley University; William Thompson, Western Illinois University

Members absent: Fred Barnhart, Loyola University

Staff attending: Elizabeth Clarage, Cindy Clennon


  • The agenda was approved with the recommendation that the agenda for the next meeting include discussion on patron driven acquisitions of print and e-books and how to share them within CARLI.
  • Pricing for the Book Digitization will include pricing for microforms as well as cost-share pricing for institutional publications that are of only “local” interest (e.g. yearbooks, directories, and campus newspapers). The cost-share rate was set at 50%. Board minutes of an institution are not eligible for digitizing.
  • The finalized title for the collection development forum in September is: “Open Access Collection Development: Opportunities and Challenges.”


  • Lewis University is completely renovating the first floor of their library.
  • Erikson Institute just launched their Illiad service.
  • Northwestern University is building a remote collections storage facility in Waukegan.
  • Western Illinois University is developing an accessible syllabus system for faculty to use.
  • Clarage is meeting next week with YPB to set up the profile for the print PDA pilot program for this year. The records will be loaded in the universal catalog, hopefully before the start of fall semester. She reported that the turnaround time after a patron requests the book (based on last year’s experience with the first pilot program) is about 3 days.
  • Clarage reported that the last copy project is continuing.
  • Clarage reported that she is working on collating the data from the special collections survey so that she can share it with the working group.
  • Clennon reported that CARLI may be pursing an RFP this fiscal year for doing a PDA project for e-books.
  • The library dean at Governor’s State University has retired.
  • Tasks assigned:
  • Members who were present at the June 3rd 2011 meeting need to review the meeting minutes by next week so that they can be approved.
  • The working group will need to choose a chair-elect at the next meeting. Members are encouraged to consider the position.
  • New members to the task force need to register with the CWG wiki.
  • Thompson will confirm that Linda Zellmer of Western Illinois University is going to speak at the Open Access Collection Development program on September 16th.
  • Clarage will follow up with Mary Pat Fallon and Fred Barnhart concerning presentations at the Open Access program.

Meeting Dates and Deadlines

Next Meeting: Thursday, August 25th, at the Erikson Institute.