“This is the poster I designed. …” – CARLI Digital Collections Featured Image

From Digital Newberry (Newberry Library) in CARLI Digital Collections.

With more than a thousand items at present, the Digital Newberry collection spans from 16th-17th century rare books to contemporary documentary photographs in the Chicago Protest Collection.

This is the poster Susan Androff designed to be carried at demonstrations held in solidarity with the Women’s March on Washington, January 21, 2017. The sign features the profile of historic women’s rights activist Susan B. Anthony in silhouette, along with the quote “Whenever women gather together failure is impossible.”

Whenever artists work with a mostly grayscale palette, the accent color speaks loudly, communicating subliminally to the viewer in the language of color psychology. For the profile silhouette, Androff has chosen a color falling somewhere on the spectrum between pink and purple—pink being strongly associated with femininity in modern times, purple adding connotations of nobility and creativity. Call it magenta, fuchsia, mulberry – doesn’t matter, I like what it says.

Bonus pic of the sign in action at the Chicago march.

Written by Ellen Corrigan, Associate Professor, Cataloging Services, Booth Library, Eastern Illinois University

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