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From Dance Card Collection (Monmouth College) in CARLI Digital Collections.

I <3 {heart} ephemera! Objects that aren’t intended or expected to survive over the course of time, and yet do, hold a certain allure. As tangible links to the past, these bits and scraps of transitory material culture can produce a psychically transportive effect on the beholder, rendering a more vivid imagining of the world in which they originated than any secondary social history source can match.

July 2, 2015
By: Digital Collections

CARLI Budget Reduction Beginning July 1, 2015

While there is no final information available about the state budget at this time, CARLI was directed to model a 20% permanent budget reduction in operating expenses beginning July 1, 2015. CARLI is committed to protecting Governing member access to EBSCO Academic Search Complete, and I-Share. Rather than make cuts to our most critical programs, we are instead limiting initial reductions to current programs and services that will have a less severe effect on the patrons of member libraries in FY16.

June 29, 2015
By: Michelle Huls