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From Naval Flight School (Monmouth College) in CARLI Digital Collections.

Until photographs were able to be developed with color, people often had to guess at the hues of depicted scenes, unless they were present at the time the picture was taken, or the colors were specifically noted on the back. Furthermore, as years pass and stories about the subjects of these images are lost, viewers become less able to tie together the picture before them and the rest of the world that they experience every day. Therefore, when I initially viewed this picture of The Yellow Peril from 1943, I knew nothing about it but that it was probably a yellow airplane. Then I got curious.

July 14, 2014
By: Amy Maroso

This Saturday, July 12th between 4AM and Noon, UIUC campus networking staff (CITES) will replace the backbone routers connected to the Production CARLI Data Center.

For some period of time during this upgrade, all CARLI services could be unavailable.

Information about this network event, any status updates, and an announcement that work has been completed can be found on the following website:

July 7, 2014
By: Brandon Gant